All professional performing artists are entitled to a discount for my consultations. In addition to the reduced offer, there is the possibility to have part of your booked session covered by the fit4performingarts foundation. Check directly with Angélique if this possibility is available. 



Private Session 55'



Reduced Private Session assessment session 90' (mandatory)

CHF 120.-- 

Reduced Private Session 55'

CHF 100.-- 

Reduced Package of 10 Private Sessions of 55'

CHF 900.--6 months
Reduced Package of 20 Private Sessions of 55' CHF 1750.--9 months


Pilates Trio Circuit


Trio Circuit PilatesCHF 33.--/per person 
 Reduced package for 10  Pilates Trio Circuit sessionsCHF 300.--/per person6 months


Group Session 55'


Group Session Single session CHF 20.-- 
Group Session Reduced Package for 10 sessions of 55'CHF 180.--6 months

Group Session Reduced Package for 10 sessions of 90'

CHF 350.--9 months


Group Session 90'


Group Session reduced single lessonCHF 30.-- 
Group Session reduced package of 10 sessions of 90'CHF 280.--6 months

Group Session reduced package of 20 sessions of 90'

CHF 550.--9 months


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