Prevention, rehabilitation and dance-science workshops for professional dancers, choreographers, dance institutions, actors, acrobats and other performing artists

Check-up for dancers

A dance-scientific based test battery for professional dancers and vocational dance students. Get feedback about your strengths and weaknesses and receive training considerations. Test your flexibility, balance, vertical jump height and do a dance-specific aerobic test to measure your cardio-vascular capacity. If requested a physiocheck can be booked, too.

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Dance Conditioning

Efficient supplemental training in the group to get ready for the stage.

Evidence-based knowlege from Sport Science and Dance Science will be applied in this session. The session fuses stabilising elements, strength training, aerobic and anaerobic sequences with different movement concepts. Feedback on correct alignment will be provided. The sessions take place where the company trains.


Dance-medical Rehabilitation

Fit4performingarts Angélique Keller closes the gap from traditional physiotherapy to being back on stage proficiently. It is an active therapy using different movement concepts to reach the back-to-stage goal more efficiently. Active dance-specific rehabilitation fuses dance-medical rehabilitation elements, athletic training concepts with dance-specific elements.


Pilates group sessions for professional dancers:

Elements of traditional Pilates will be combined with stabilising exercises for the limbs and adapted dance-specifically. These lessons can take place either in the studio of fit4performingarts Angélique Keller in Zollikon or at the place where the dance company trains.



Trio Crosstraining und Rehabilitation for dancers

The budget-friendly alternative to a 1:1personal training for dancers. Train in a group of three according to dance-medical knowledge, check your prevention exercises, expand your training program, and get new inputs for your next training sequence.

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Trio Circuit for dancers:

The ideal training in a semi-private group for the small budget

Train your deep core muscles effectively with 2 friends on the Pilates Chair, Cadillac, Reformer, Pilates Mat or other fitness equipment.  I will consider your level of expertise as well as your movement goals. This is the ideal format for the dancer budget.

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Well-balanced prevention programs for professional dancers:

Dancers are high-specialised athletes. The demands on body and mind are immense and the daily dance training and rehearsals do only cover part of their physical needs. Prevention programs at fit4performingarts teach active exercises to prepare the dancer optimally for the season; it creates supplemental exercises to prevent injuries.


Dancers, periodise your training!

In close collaboration with the dancer an effective training plan including rest periods will be tailored. Sport-scientific knowledge helps to optimise athleticism and aestheticism. The focus at fit4performingarts will be on the athletic part. Tailor-made goals could be the improvement of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning,  management of muscular imbalances, injury prevention, self-management during injuries and periodisation of training. The collaboration with performance diagnosticians might be sought if necessary.



Dance-scientific lectures:

Presentations and workshops on Dance Science issues (injuries in dance, injury prevention, training scientific knowledge and dance, Pilates training for dancers and dance-specific athletic training, plyometrics for dancers and many others) can be offered. Get in contact for detailed information and customised services.




Example of a dance-scientific presentation:


The effects of a 10-week plyometric training intervention on jump performance in professional ballet dancers.


Format of a possible workshop:

(Dance-specific) plyometric training for dancers: A possible way to improve jump power and agility.

  • Exemplary lesson with and without athletic training tools
  • Progression of a plyometric training program over a 10-week period
  • Theoretical background
  • Do's and don'ts

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Workshops for performing artists

Your body is your instrument. Keep it fit and healthy to master the different challenges on stage.

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