Private sessions



1st session including assessment, consultation and introduction 90' (mandatory)CHF 160.-- 
Single session 55'CHF 120.-- 
Package of 10 sessions of 55'CHF 1060.--6 months
Package of 20 sessions of 55'CHF 2100.--9 months


Pilates Trio Circuit

1st session Pilates Trio Circuit including assessment, consultation & introduction to apparatus 90' (mandatory)CHF 66--/per person


Single session Pilates Trio Circuit 55'

CHF 50.--/per person

Package of 10 sessions Pilates Trio Circuit 55'CHF 450.--/per person6 months


Pilates Group Session 55'

Single lessonCHF 27.-- 
Package of 10 lessons 55'CHF 240.--6 months
Package of 10 lessons 55'CHF 460.--9 months


Group Session 90'

Single lessonCHF 37.-- 
Package of 10 lessons 90'CHF 350.--6 months
Package of 20 lessons 90'CHF 690.--9 months


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