Online Conditioning program for dancers

Improve your fitness now to become better and more stable in your turns, faster in your petit allegros and jump higher in your grand allegros. Use the time stuck at home now constructively for later improvements during rehearsals and performances. Receive online feedback and modifications whenever necessary. Get motivated through progressions over the weeks, change of training methods and inspiring music. 

How to take part click here:



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Fit4performingarts Angélique Keller has been invited as a lecturer at the 15. Kongress für Tanzmedizin Linz

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Dance-scientific check-ups for dancers at the opening of the new Tanzhaus 6.-08.09.2019

On Sunday, 8th September 2019 from 1-5pm. Book in advance under
for more information


17.03.2019: Check-up for professional dancers at the BETA Stage Festival in Bern

Fit4performingarts Angélique Keller helped with the testing of professional contemporary dancers at the BETA Stage Festival in Bern, Switzerland. Tests to evaluate vertical jump height, flexibility, a scientific submaxmal dance-specific fitness test, training advice for more jump power as well as a short physio check were offered for free on this day. Thank you very much for organising it Irene Andreetto and Silena Bertolino.



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Visit at the Manson Healthcare Suite of the Royal Opera House in London

19.02.2019: Many thanks for the tour through the Mansion Healthcare Suite and the exchange of treatment ideas with Jane Paris of the Pilates and conditioning department and Adam Mattussi of the sport science department. Company members  will be treated here with competence by physiotherapists, sport scientists and Pilates coaches to get back to stage efficiently.


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Rather unbelievable- but true!

I am so happy to be the winner of the first iconographic competition of IADMS.



Participation at the IADMS congress in Helsinki 2018

I am looking forward to being able to present the results of my study on jump performance of professional ballet dancers at the IADMS congress in Helsinki


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Pilates Trial-out day with Apéro: Sa, 8.9.2018 between 09.00-19.00h

Fit4performingarts opens up the doors for you. On Saturday, 8th September 2018 between 9am and 7pm the doors of my Pilates and Personal Training studio will be opened. Make a reservation for your trial-out session now. An aperitif will be served between 5 and 7pm for anyone interested.

Fit4performingarts Angélique Keller offers you the possibility to book a trial-out session for either a Pilates mat class, the Pilates Trio Circuit on the Pilates Chair, the Pilates Reformer and Pilates Cadillac or the Stretch & Relax class.

Fit4performingarts Angélique Keller offers you a reduction of 10% on your 10 or 20 sessions Pilates package only on the day of trial-out and when paid cash on the same day. 

Overview of trial-out sessions on Saturday 8th September 2018


TimeContentfree spaces
09.00-09.30hMinilesson Pilates Mat Class6 people
10.30-11.00hMinilesson Pilates Mat Class6 people
12.00-12.55hPilates Trio-Circuit on Cadillac, Reformer, Chair und Mat3 people
14.00-14.55hStretch & Relax6 people
16.00-16.30hMinilesson Pilates Mat Class6 people


Registration form Trial-out day 08.09.2018

Participation Form Pilates Trial-out day

Participation Form Pilates Trial-out day

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14th Congress Dance Medicine 1st-3rd June 2018 in Frankfurt

I am so happy and grateful to be invited as a presenter and workshop leader at the TAMED 14th congress of dance medicine in Frankfurt from 01st-03rd June 2018.

lecture topic: ​​​​​​​The effects of a 10-week plyometric training intervention on jump performance in professional ballet dancers more information:
workshop topic: Dance specific plyometric training for dancers: A way to improve strength and power more information




Impressions of the opening day on the 24th April 2018

Thank you for having visited me at the opening day in my new studio fit4performingarts. It was a great pleasure having you all here. 

Browse the pictures from the opening event.


Opening day on 24th of April 2018 between 5-9pm

I am ever so happy to invite you to the opening day of my studio fit4performingarts in Zollikon at the Höhestrasse 79. Come along and bring some friends!!


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