Fit4performingarts Angélique Keller - The stage is your world - your health & fitness my concern

Thank you for joining me here today! I have founded Fit4performingarts Angélique Keller in 2018 with the aim to improve the health and fitness of dancers, dance pedagogues, choreographers and dance companies. For this reason, I have developped tailored athletic programs to help dancers with their physical & mental health and fitness. I do also act as a presenter and workshop leader on sports- and dance-scientific topics and offer consultations for individual dancers, entire dance companies or dance institutions. The principle on stage is the foundation of all my training concepts.

It is my utter belief to put the dancer as a human being into the limelight and take care of him/her with lots of humour and heart.



Fit4performingarts as DancePodGuest at Tanzvereinigung Schweiz

A great Podcast about myself, my work, passion and vision produced by Tanzvereinigung Schweiz. It is wothwhile listening to it!



Short formation overview

  • 2018 MAS Dance Science
  • 2014 Pilates Reformer & Kleingeräte
  • 2012 CAS Orthopedics, Rheumathology & Traumathology
  • 2012 Pilates mat
  • 2010 medical training therapy (MTT)
  • 2003 PDDS Professional Dance Diploma, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance, London
  • 1996 MSc. Sport Sciences, Basel
  • further formations in: Spiraldynamik, Fitness & Aerobics, barbell workouts, TRX, water fitness, fascia training and many others

Professional experience

  • Sports therapist in psychiatric clinics in Switzerland
  • Sports therapist in orthopedics & traumathology, Schulthess Klinik Zürich, Swiss Olympic Center
  • from 2024 guest lecturer for Periodization in Dance for the Deutschen Berufsverband für Tanzpädagogik (DBfT)
  • from 2024 guest lecturer for Dance Science at the Link - Zentrum für Tanz, Kultur und Gesundheit
  • since 2023 guest lecturer for Testing and Mindfulness and part of the HEC team of the BA Contemporary Dance program at ZHdK Zürich, Switzerland
  • 2022/2023 Body Conditioning for the  Company Mind the Motion, Wu Tsang, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Switzerland
  • Body Conditioning during the choreographic project Brückerei, Zürich
  • Body Conditioning for Summerdance 22 and 23, an intensive talent platform for young dancers by Dance Suisse
  • Body Conditioning for professional contemporary dancers, Profitraining Tanzhaus Zürich
  • Conditioning programs for Ballett Zürich, Landestheater Ballett Salzburg, Ballett &MUK Leipzig
  • Plyometric jump training study with Ballett Zürich
  • Pilates coach Ballett Zürich
  • Guest lecturer IADMS (Internatinal Association for Dance Medicine)
  • Guest lecturer TAMED (Tanzmedizin Deutschland)
  • Guest lecturer BA-Ausbildung, „Aquatraining for prevention and rehabilitation“, DSGB, Universität Basel
  • Part of instructor team Aquademie für Wasserfitness

Personal Life

In my childhood and during my sport scientific studies, different kinds of sport activities, artistic practices and dance styles were omnipresent. I participated in track and field athletics as a sprinter and long-jumper, played hand- as well as volleyball, taught myself how to juggle and loved to express myself through dance (Jazzdance, Contemporary, Tapdance, Ballet, Ballroom Dance, Salsa, Lindy Hop). This multitude of movement practice helped me during my MSc. sport science university degree. As a physical education teacher I taught different sports to kids and adolescents. 


Dance Background

In addition to my sport scientific background I attended different dance lessons in Basle and London (Jazz dance, contemporary dance, ballet, tap dance and ballroom dance). In 2003 during a sabbatical year, I decide to deepen my interest in dance and completed a one-year degree at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London (PDDS). It was during that time that I discovered Pilates as a useful and efficient supplementary training for dancers.

Sport and dance scientific background

In my professional life as a sport therapist at the Schulthess Klinik Zürich (Swiss Olympic centre) between 2010-2018 I was able to combine sport scientific knowledge and dance with therapeutic input in group sessions as well as in 1:1 treatment settings. Besides sport therapeutic care of athletes in the water as well as on land I have specialised on dance-medical rehabilitation and functional training for performing artists. The "back-to-stage" process is a common and creative yet strenuous process. My MAS Dance Science degree helps me to combine scientific knowledge with the practical application.


Tudor & Educator

As a tutor for J&S instructors (youth and sports), sport science students and future sport therapists, I find it a challenge and reward to deliver theoretical knowledge and practical movement in a methodological, didactical and pedagogical skilful way.



Mental health background

Since 2019 I have been working at different clinical institutions as a sport therapist taking care of patients with psychological problems such as addictions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorder, burnout syndroms and many others. Through movement, mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques I try to improve one's body image and self esteem, fight perfectionism and diminish depreciating feelings.