Consultations for professional dance companies:

Have you ever struggled with the following topics?

Periodize the dancers' training to avoid overuse and overtraining - Coming up with an alternative training plan including more fitness during lockdown - advice for an efficient at home training plan - Enhancing your physical fitness after a longer break such as the summer pause - Plyometric jump training - Advice on how to implement fitness equipment within a dance institution -  dance-scientific lectures & workshops - ... and much more.

I will support you with my experience and know-how.

Whether you contact me for a short collaboration or a longer dance-scientific intervention - we will plan my input according to your needs. Contact me here for further details.

Consultations for individual dancers

  • How can I improve my en- dehors? Is it only a question of flexibility?
  • How can I improve my jetés?
  • How do I become more stable during my pirouettes?
  • How do I train my cardio-vascular system to get ready for the demands on stage?
  • How do I train more healthily to avoid overuse injuries?

If you are interested in these questions, contact me for your individual strategies to tackle these questions. Further contact.