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Whether you are a novice to movement practice, a recreational athlete, a professional athlete or a dancer contemporary Pilates helps you to stabilise your core, to improve your motor coordination and to reach a new understanding of movement practice.

Train at the same place and with similar props as the pros.

Find your individually-tailored program that covers your personal needs

Choose between

  • Pilates group matwork
  • Personal Training
  • tailored programs in prevention and rehabilitation for professional performing artists
  • or support performing artists with a donation for the fit4performingarts foundation.


Pilates & Personal Training

A combination of Pilates on the mat and on Pilates apparatus (Chair, Cadillac, Reformer) with sportspecific athletic training for sports laymen and professional athletes.

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Performing artists

Are you a professional performing artist and looking for ways to improve your performance on stage, to remain healthy and to prevent injuries?

Then check out the (dance-specific) athletic training, the dance-medical rehabilitation treatment and the dance prevention training.

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Art meets athleticism

Train like an artist.

Meet artists at an art event.

Support artists with a donation to the suspended training foundation.