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A warm welcome to fit4performingarts Angélique Keller!

I am your competent expert for sports and dance-scientific prevention and rehabilitation programs for performing artists. In addition I teach contemporary Pilates, Spiraldynamik, Sporttherapie and Personal Training.

Performing artists

Put your health into the spotlight - You are worth it!

Have you ever wondered how to improve your turn-out, master a better à la Seconde or jump higher in your Jeté?

With Fit4performingarts you will get sports- and dance-scientific based exercises and progressive steps to enhance your performance on stage. Receive guidance on how to transform your body physically without interfering your aesthetics.  I will convey background information on how and why to adapt your exercises to your personal needs to lead a healthy  and hopefully long dancer's life.



Improve your performance on stage due to sports- and dance-scientific training concepts. More information



Pilates & Personal Training

Whether you are a novice to movement practice, a recreational athlete, a professional athlete or a dancer contemporary Pilates, strength training and other movement concepts helps you to stabilise your core, to improve your motor coordination and to reach a new understanding of movement practice. These are all important elements to improve your physical perfomance. The right dose as well as choice of exercises and a holistic approach are the key to your personal success.



Improve efficiently your strength, stability and flexibility. More information