Periodization of a dance season



The importance of planning your dance training for better performance and health of the whole dance company

I am your competent coach for the following questions concerning your dance company:

  • How can I ideally plan the season for my dancers to accomplish top performance, diminish injuries and increase mental motivation?
  • What possibilities do I have to integrate enough time for rest and regeneration?
  • What would an ideal weekly plan look like?
  • How can I implement weekly fitness sessions into the daily program of my dance company?
  • What are important factors for a successful regeneration program?
  • How important are relaxation techniques for my dancers?


Dancers, periodise your training!

In close collaboration with the dancer an effective training plan including rest periods will be tailored. Sport-scientific knowledge helps to optimise athleticism and aestheticism. The focus at fit4performingarts will be on the athletic part. Tailor-made goals could be the improvement of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning,  management of muscular imbalances, injury prevention, self-management during injuries and periodisation of training. The collaboration with performance diagnosticians might be sought if necessary.