Competent training with heart and humor


An individual client- an individual program- your individual pathway to a fitter lifestyle

Competent, individualised Pilates and personal training delivered with heart and humor are the basic values of fit4performingarts.

With fit4performingarts you will find the right offer to reach your goals more efficiently with individualised training sessions.

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With Pilates, I encourage and educate people to activate their deep core muscles with life-long and well-dosed exercises to prevent and  reduce (chronic) back pain problems.

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athletic training

My offer of movement and athletic training includes the basic elements of strength, endurance, coordination, speed and agility as well as relaxation. A harmonious mixture of all these elements and a progressive training appraoch is health-promoting. In addition, other diverse movement concepts will be included in the training. After clarifying your medical history, concrete goals will be set together.

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Personal Training

My Personal Training sessions are inspired by the joy of movement, enriched by years of teaching experience, with sound scientific background information and a high degree of commitment to the individual. The focus is on the quality of the movement execution and correction forms will be incorporated into the training.

I am an expert at teaching a variety of movement concepts, with a sport scientific as well as therapeutic background and can therefore also specifically address your injury problems after an accident or surgery.

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It is my utmost conviction that competent training coaching needs time to reach your individual movement goals.

For this reason, I provide enough time during the 1st training session for an overview of your medical and personal situation to determine and discuss your goals with you and we jointly plan targeted short-term and long-term training measures.

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Individual training location

Choose your individual training location. Whether it's with me in the outdoors, at your home or at your place of work - it is important that you feel comfortable where you're doing your workout. You can choose between a live session or a Zoom online training session.