Zoom Body Conditioning group sessions

Keep on improving your fitness while staying at home- see and feel the benefits later when back in the dance studios, during rehearsal or performances.

The cross-training will include exercises for strength, endurance, jump height and landing quality as well as agility skills necessary for petit allegros and will last 40 minutes. A good warm-up will be included to avoid injuries. The sessions will be designed progressively over the following weeks and modifications as well as qualitative feedback of your execution included. To me it is important to teach safe exercises to raise awareness and guarantee safe dance practice. Please, wear training shoes to minimise impact and bring along filled water bottles you can use as weights.

Sign up with your emailaddress to get the entrance code. If you feel that other days and times are more appropriate then let me know as well. This helps me to coordinate all requests

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1:1 Online consultation after injuries

Did you get stuck at home after an injury? Are you looking for efficient exercises to improve your back to stage process? You will get guidance and education concerning different physical activites, functional training and dance-oriented strength training

Get in contact here with me personally to cover your individual needs.