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Pilates Mat Class

A great way to train Pilates and have fun in the group

In the Pilates Mat Class the core muscles will be trained efficiently in a small group of maximally 6 participants. The local muscles will be targeted in a controlled way and integrated into an optimal movement pattern. For this purpose, body perception exercises are instructed and a specific breathing pattern shall be connected to the movement.

• The Pilates method uses the resources of the deep muscle layers to relieve the global (superficial) muscle system. As a result, the movements will be executed more economically.

• Pilates training creates length in the spine; it trains segmentally but also holistically.

• Small appliances such as Pilates rolls, magic circles, therabands can be incorporated effectively to simplify exercises or make them more challenging.

Private Sessions

Reach your personal goal in a one-to-one session

In this session you will benefit from an individually-tailored program. Together we will set goals and you can decide on your prefered movement practice. Choose between Pilates, stability and balance training, functional movement training, TRX, Nordic Walking, running and many others. You will be provided with hands on corrections and some home-exercises to take home. This session takes you to the next level.



Trio-Circuit Pilates

Share the cost and train with 2 friends on the Pilates Mat, Chair, Cadillac or Reformer in a circuit

The ideal and economic small group workout on Pilates apparatus ( Chair, Cadillac, Reformer) and additional gadgets (Bosu, TRX) that challenges your core but economises your budget.



Stretch & Relax

Find calmness in your hectic everyday life

Treat yourself to a 90- minute time-out and stretch your entire body actively and passively. After a short warm-up, various mobility methods are performed. Fascia methods like Yin Yoga and black rolls may be applied. The lesson fades out in various ways either with muscle relaxation or meditation or some similar method.



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